Development Excellence For the future of North Central Texas

Leadership Award for Public Planning and Policy

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

The Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Board's commitment to achieving development excellence as the standard throughout DFW Airport has resulted in a cadre of projects that exemplify the principles of development excellence that include environmental stewardship, quality places, and resource efficiency.

Examples of leading edge initiatives include:

  • the DFW International Airport Commissioning Policy that focuses on efficient and effective use of building systems and energy efficient environments;
  • the construction of projects designed to maintain the water quality standard in the receiving waters surrounding DFW Airport; 
  • the construction of energy improvements, specifically in relation to the new International Terminal D construction and redevelopment of the DFW Airport Central Utilities Plant; and
  • the quality place and pedestrian friendly plan of the International Terminal D Public Arts program.

Proposed floor art work for Terminal D.

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