Celebrating Leadership in Development Excellence
CLIDE Awards Program

2007 CLIDE Awards Jury and Selection Process

The Awards Jury

The Center of Development Excellence is assembling a distinguished jury from throughout the country to judge the CLIDE applications. Each juror maintains expertise in a variety of fields and, thus, will bring a valuable perspective to the jury's deliberation of the applications. Confirmed jurors are:


Frederick “Fritz” Steiner, Panel Chair

Fritz SteinerMr. Steiner is Dean of the School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin. He has extensive experience and expertise in a number of areas, including working with government entities on diverse projects and programs. He has also authored numerous books, articles and papers regarding conservation, landscaping, and site design, evaluation, and assessment. He previously taught courses in the areas of environmental impact assessment, landscape analysis and landscape architectural theory.


Eugenie Birch

Eugenie BirchMs. Birch currently chairs the Department of City and Regional Planning in the School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania. She is the Co-Director of the Penn Institute for Urban Research, and is acknowledged as the leading expert on downtown housing in American cities. Dr. Birch also lectures and publishes widely on issues of residential planning and regularly undertakes sponsored research projects which engage her students in her field. Dr. Birch has been a consistent leader in her profession and has served as the President of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning, and the Society for American City and Regional Planning History.


Phil Hart

Phil HartPhil Hart is the Executive Director of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) in the Los Angeles Area and has served in a number of capacities within this organization. He previously served as Professor of Sociology and director of the William Monroe Trotter Institute at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Mr. Hart is also a recognized real estate developer and for his expertise as an urban real estate developer and has successfully managed the completion of numerous large-scale projects.


Anne Ricker

Anne RickerMs. Ricker is currently a Principal at the Leland Consulting Group in Colorado and has extensive experience with real estate market analysis, economic feasibility studies and economic development analysis for public and private sector clients. She assists clients in evaluating land, identifying opportunities and barriers to development and creating tools and strategies to achieve success. In addition, she has worked as a senior real estate advisor and currently is a member and speaker for the International Downtown Association, where she focuses on providing assistance to downtowns and regional entities with implementation strategies for real estate development and with financial tools for successful revitalization.


Selection Process

After the March 21st, 2007 submission deadline, NCTCOG Staff have screened all applications and supplemental materials for eligibility, completeness, and compliance with submittal requirements. NCTCOG Staff will then forward all applications and supplemental materials to the CLIDE Awards Jury. In late April, the Awards Jury will meet to deliberate on applications in each category and select winners. Note: the Awards Jury reserves the right to determine the number of winners for each category. In early May, NCTCOG Staff will notify the winners and invite them to the NCTCOG General Assembly in June, 2007 to receive the awards.